‘When I found out more about NHS Professionals, I realised that I would always have first pick of placements’

About NHS Professionals

NHS Professionals is the number one provider of managed flexible workforce services to the NHS, with an enviable reputation of delivering real cost savings to NHS Trusts. No other recruiter can offer such a wide range of flexible work opportunities for locum doctors.

NHS Professionals recruits locum doctors for NHS Trusts under managed bank service agreements - this special relationship means that we see all locum opportunities offered by the Trust before they're available to staffing agencies. That means NHS Professionals' medical locums get the first choice of placements before staffing agencies.

Great news for you - it means that you get access to your choice of preferred placements before any locum agency. Great news for the NHS - the Trust saves money on excessive agency commissions. Great news for patients - doctors' clinical governance compliance to NHS Employment Check standard is assured.
We regularly work with new NHS Trusts, so whether you are looking for a short or a long-term locum placement, make NHS Professionals your first choice.

Owned by the Department of Health, we provide an expertly managed service, deploying exactly the right skills to meet recognised demands. We have an in-depth understanding of both NHS Trusts and healthcare professionals. And this unique insight into what both parties want and need from their placements enables us to provide the best outcomes for everyone.

We pride ourselves on our fast-paced culture and commercial vision. At the same time, our overall goals could not be more different to those of profit-driven commercial locum agencies. Our aim is to make considerable cost-savings to NHS Trusts without disadvantaging locum doctors. As Responsible Officer, our Medical Director is there to help you with any revalidation concerns.

As an NHS Professionals locum doctor, our placement officers will offer you in-depth support, advice and assistance, to help ensure that your placements directly contribute to your long-term professional development. We will enable you to work flexibly within the NHS for as long as you wish to do so. And we will fully support your work-life balance needs, as well as your career goals.

We aim to offer our locum doctors multiple career choices.